with Arrianne Aukes

Bonaire Wing Clinic

Arrianne Aukes will be running her first ever Wing Clinic in Bonaire this spring! If you like to learn Wing Foiling / improve your wing skills in warm and beautiful crystal blue water in the Caribbean, this one is for you!


Bonaire offers a perfect platform to improve and learn to Wing Foil. The clinic will take place in a bay with flat water and with a nice consistent breeze. Jibe City has the lates Fanatic and Duotone Wing Foil gear. There will also be a boat to support and making sure you will be safe.


As an watersports athlete Arrianne started to get into Wing Foiling a few years ago already. She loves all watersports and quickly became addicted to the feeling of flying over the water, which gives you an adrenaline rush and can be very mindful at the same time. 


Date: March 6th till 10th

More info/booking:arrianneaukes(at)gmail(dot)com