Masters & Youngsters dominate

GWA Wingfoil Race European Champs

From 13.08. - 15.08. the first-ever GWA Wingfoil Race European Championship was taking place at the beautiful lake of St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps, as part of the Engadinwin.

Our team was on the podium and celebrates the European Champion in the Under 19 and Masters categories! The event provided lots of action, up and downs through gusts and wind holes and a great performance from all the riders.

Well done to all, especially our youngest rider Benjamin May, who finished first in the Juniors and our Masters Klaas Voget, Craig Gertenbach and Henning Nockel who delivered a tight battle and finished first, second and third!

In the Open Class it was tight as well and Linus Punder finished just behind the podium in 4th, Klaas Voget in 5th, Tom Auber in 8th, Benjamin May in 9th and Riccardo Marca in 10th! So 5 out of 10 ridere in the Top 10 were on Fanatic and Duotone: -)  And Marion Matti and Manuela Jungo in in 5th and 7th in the Women’s!


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Pics: Lacy Kubolsky, Emanuela Kauli, Alain Luck