GAW World Cup Leucate

Nia & Paula on the Podium

The GWA Wingfoil World Cup in Leucate took place during the Mondial Du Vent end April. We are stoked to see Nia Suardiaz in 1st and Paula Novotna in 2nd place of the Surf-Freestyle event! Nia also finished 3rd in the Slalom.


It was only her second GWA Wingfoil World Tour competition and the 16 year old Spaniard took her first event win with impressive composure against a fleet of female Surf-Freestyle riders that had grown to ten at this event! Paula doggedly fought to the very end of the final, finishing just over a single point behind Nia in 2nd!


Surf-Freestyle Results

1 . Nia Suardiaz (Fanatic(Duotone)

2. Paula Novotna (Fanatic/Duotone)

3. Flora Artz

4. Fiona Wylde


Slalom Women:

1 . Flora Artz

2. Fiona Wylde

3. Nia Suardiaz (Fanatuc/Duotone)


Well done to all: -)  Also great job from our boys Wesley Brito, Stefan Spiessberger, Clement Rosery, Linus Pünder, Tom Auber and all others who competed!

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