Out Now!

New Stingray & Foilstyler


We are happy to announce that our new 2022 Foiling toys Stingray LTD & HRS and Foilstyler LTD are now online!


The new Stingray Foil LTD closes the gap between Wind Foiling and Wing Foiling. Its compact shape is perfectly tuned for easy and fun Wind Foiling with a regular windsurf rig yet equipped with all the options and versatility to swap your sail with a wing – this board is ready for everything! 

Stingray Foil LTD


The Stingray Foil HRS is our dedicated free foilboard which makes your take-off into the world of Wind Foiling as easy and accessible as possible, with longer outlines and extra width for the beginner to learn and progress.

Stingray Foil HRS

Our Foilstyler LTD is designed for progressive foilers with focus on manoeuvres rather than straight line performance only. The foil allows riders to link carves, 360s, and even air moves within a short time and distance. For quick change of directions with great connection to the foil - built to carve and pop!

Photo Credits: John Carter