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Wing Foiling Weeks

Wing Foiling is quickly growing and turning into one of the most popular water sports. One appealing aspect of this new sport is that it is very intuitive. Even people with no water sport background will quickly enjoy winging. To offer people an introduction into the world of wing foiling, Duotone Pro Center Tenerife is hosting several wing foil weeks, starting from the 12th of September. In four days of coaching the center’s experienced instructors will teach you the important basics of the sport, starting with equipment knowledge, how to set up the gear and positioning of the hands. They will also coach you in foiling and performing maneuvers such as the jibe or tack.  


The course will take place at a flatwater spot close to the center in order to provide a beginner friendly learning environment to the students. One instructor will accompany the small group of participants by boat to ensure high-quality coaching and great learning results. For those who can not spend enough time on the water, DPC Tenerife offers premium windsurf and kiteboarding gear from Fanatic and Duotone that can be rented throughout the week for a small additional charge. 


The clinic offer includes four days of coaching, shuttle service to and from the flatwater spot, Fanatic and Duotone wing foil gear, free use of wing foil gear after the lesson days and a dinner with all the participants and instructors. The groups are limited to six people, so make sure to register soon! 


For more information and registration contact:

Duotone Pro Center Tenerife

https://www.dpc-tenerife.com/ +34 922 178 394  info(at)dpctenerife(dot)com 


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