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Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii / DK
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When and where did you start Wing Foiling?

I started Wing Foiling about one year ago during spring 2020 at my home spot in Klitmøller, not gonna lie my first 2 sessions didn’t end up going that well and I had my shares of “walks of shame” up the beach. On my 3rd session, something clicked and I was hooked! The trickiest part for me was learning to use the wing and wind since I don´t come from a wind sports background, but overall it was a lot easier to learn than I thought it would be and I think everyone can do it.

What’s your watersports history – from which side did you enter Winging?

I primarily come from a surfing and SUP background, I also started SUP and Prone Foiling a few years ago which helped me pick up Wing Foiling.

What do you love about Wing Foiling?

I love the fact that I can do it in so many kinds of conditions that wouldn’t be as much fun on another water sports craft, it’s also easy to set up and doesn’t take up much space when packed.

The speed with no sound and the jumps you can do is amazing too, overall flying above the water is a really cool feeling.

There are so many possibilities with Wing Foiling, and I am excited to see how the sport progresses. 

What’s your favourite conditions?

I really like Wing Foiling in waves, flat water is fun too for the speed, but it’s awesome to be able to ride waves on the way in and jump on the out.

At home, my favorite days are SW wind on the reef in Klitmøller and W wind in Hanstholm which we have quite often luckily.

What’s your top advice for a beginner?

Try holding up the wing in the wind on the beach just to get the feeling before going on the water, starting on your knees is easiest and then you can work your up to your feet on your board.

When you start to feel the wind picking up in the wing you can start to pump the board to get up on the foil, make sure to lean a lot forward in the beginning until you learn how to balance on the foil.

Doing a bit of homework before hitting the water is a good idea too, there’s a lot of tutorial videos on youtube, etc.

I also think the biggest thing is just getting out and trying it, you learn by doing and it sure is fun when you fly for the first time!

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