Manuela Jungo


Almerimar, Spain
Board Setup
Sky Style TE 4.7


When and where did you start Wing Foiling? I started to wing foil on Maui. We stayed there during the Spring/Summer 2020 because of COVID and the conditions were not good to kitesurf, no waves and a lot of wind, but it was great to start wing foiling.

What’s your watersports history – from which side did you enter Winging? I am a kitesurfer. I was competing on the Freestyle World Tour for a few years and my current favourite discipline is wave riding.

What do you love about Wing Foiling? Wing foiling gives me way more time on the water and I can enjoy conditions, which I would not enjoy kitesurfing.

What’s your favourite conditions? My favourite conditions are medium size waves.

What’s your top advice for a beginner? Let the board come up slowly and don't forget to pull your backhand to get more wind/power in the wing.

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Manuela Jungo