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04. Avr 2016

Alice Arutkin wins Slalom @ Paris Indoor

Alice Arutkin wins Slalom @ Paris Indoor
15,000 fans have watched the indoor spectacle at the Arena Accor Hotels in Paris/Bercy last weekend. Lots of favourite windsurfers including legends like Robby Naish, Erik Thieme (and his son Jimmy) or Robert Territehau came to Paris to compete in the pool where 30 fans generated 20 to 30 knots of wind.
Fanatic´s Alice Arutkin finished 1st in the Slalom, well done there! Also Robert Territehau and Erik Thieme, who announced that it was « their last Indoor » were both finalists in Slalom and Jumping. Unfortunately Pierre Mortefon was disqualified for the organisers.
Great job from our French Fanatic promo team representing the brand at the event site!

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