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26. Mar 2017

Fanatic Winter Tales – Adrien Bosson

Fanatic Winter Tales – Adrien Bosson

Next up in our Fanatic Winter Tales is the French Freestyler Adrien Bosson. Adrien finished 3rd Overall in the 2017 PWA Freestyle Tour and 2nd in the EFPT Freestyle Tour. Within the PWA Tour he made two podiums in Podersorf and Sylt and has showed that he has the potential to regularly be on the podium! But he is also performing in the waves, last year on Maui he impressed the photoshoot crew with one of the best Aerials in Hookipa. During the summer season Adrien runs a Windsurfing Center in Six-Fours-les-Plages, however as soon as the center is closed end of November he is off travelling. Read more about hereafter what Adrien is up to during the winter months.

Fanatic: What are/were you up to this winter?
AB: As most of my team mates I’ve been to Cape Town this winter. I was probably the first one there arriving the 4th December straight after closing my windsurf school. It was my 4th time since I started my windsurfing career and did not disappoint me as it’s been 2 month of intense training in freestyle & waves and at the gym. I could also test booms and masts from NorthSails and fins for the next production skate. Almost the complete Fanatic/North windsurf team was there and we had some great filming sessions with the Fanatic crew. A French cameraman, Christallen Schmit, was also there to film the French team and I released some short clips on the social medias. So yes, I had a lot of filming days:-)
Since Cape Town I’ve been mostly at home, working on the center and making it ready for the new with the new feature and beside that keep on training on the water when it’s windy and with my coach on land. I’ve been on a short trip to Tenerife end of February – I saw a good forecast so I decided to go there for a week. First time there and I will definitely go back.

Fanatic: Which destinations will you be visiting?
AB: Cape Town and Tenerife are done. Next destination will be Maui for our annual photoshoot. So cool to go back there again with everyone to film and shoot with the new gear! I’m very stocked to go there. After that the season starts and I will go straight to Leucate for the Xtrem Freestyle event taking place during Le Mondial du Vent and then compete in the PWA and EFPT tour 2017. It’s gonna be a busy year with event stops in Austria, Tarifa, Croatia, Lanzarote, Pozo, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Sylt and Holland.
Fanatic: What are you goals?
AB: The two podiums I made last year in Podersdorf and Sylt really show me and make me think that I’m able to be on the podium more often. I’m focusing all year long to have a competitive mind, to improve my skills and to be fit/ready for the important day. I would say my goals are to be in the top 5 in the PWA and I would like to be European Champion (after being 3rd and 2nd in 2015/2016:-)).

Fanatic: What keeps you motivated throughout the winter?
AB: Of course the goals I have in mind, my dreams, the people around me and the places I go to keep me motivated. The fact that I’m working in the summer season push me to go on the water as much as possible during the winter months. But besides that I don’t do much of it to keep the pleasure of windsurfing and having fun.
After 2 month of non-stop sailing in Cape Town, once back home I didn’t do any sports for 2 weeks to recharge my batteries and get my motivation back to go on the water for the rest of the year as it’s gonna be pretty much non stop action once the season is on.

Fanatic: What is your main move(s) you want to improve over the winter?
AB: I tried so many moves since last December but mainly the double power moves as Air Funnel into Burner and the Shifty are the moves I’ve trained the most.

Fanatic: What other sports do you do?
AB: At home I workout with my coach 2 – 3 times a week at the gym or on the beach doing some kind of crossfit and I’m surfing when there are waves (I always bring my Surfboard on trips). And I also have a Race SUP, so between April and November I paddle and from time to time I do some bike and indoor climbing.

Fanatic: Do these sports help your riding and translate into your sport Windsurf/SUP?
AB: The three main sports I do besides windsurfing are helping me of course. Since I started training with my coach three years ago, I had no major injuries, I’m fitter and stronger on my board, I have a better competitive mind and he also makes me believe that I’m capable of great things. On the other hand surfing/paddling opens my mind as it’s different sports, different effort and a different way of doing it.

Fanatic: Can you tell us a bit about your fitness and nutrition programme?
AB: I workout 2 – 3 times a week during the training period and I’m usually really tired then, especially when I also go windsurfing. We work on the strength, cardio, explosivity and on the movement I do during the moves. When a competition approaches, I stop training to be 100% focused on windsurfing. I don´t follow a specific nutrition program but always eat healthy food, when I’m on a trip I try to keep the same habits.

Fanatic: Does it change over the winter?
AB: There are some breaks during the winter as I think it´s important to let my body recover. And I always eat better at home and also a bit more than usual during Christmas timeJ

Fanatic: What gear are you riding?
AB: May favorite combo is the Skate 93l and the 4.4 Idol LTD and this is the gear I use the most. I also use my 100l when it’s lighter with my 5.2 or 4.8. I take my skate 86 in very strong wind. In the waves I’m using the Quad 76 and Stubby 77 depending on the conditions.

Fanatic: How does your chosen gear suit your style?
AB: I was 16 years old when I started riding Fanatic, so I’m really used to this boards. I’m 75kg and the 93 is the perfect size for me. It´s a very versatile board, light and fast and fits to every kind of conditions – no matter of flatwater, choppy, waves, light, medium or strong winds. I really like the new nose, which is amazing for the kick on the ramps !

Fanatic: What would Fanatic customers like about your favourite board?
AB: I think the most important is that the Skate can be used in every kind of conditions, it’s easy to control, easy to ride and has a good pop for Freestyle tricks.

Fanatic: Are you linking up with any of your Fanatic Team riders this winter?
AB: We are following each other pretty much all winter long, what is pretty coolJ The only one I didn’t see yet is Gollito but we’ll meet soon in Maui.

Fanatic: What has been your highlight of 2016?
AB: 3rd place on Sylt has definitely been my highlight of 2016. I finished4th of the Single Elimination on day 3, and then leaded the whole Double until my heat against Yentel Caers, I think we resailed two times but it was always cancelled and we went on standby till the very last day of the event… I thought we would never run the end of the Double, but in the morning of the last day the wind showed up. It was so cold, we started the competition and I won over the Belgium team Yentel and Dieter Van Der Eyken to climb up to 3rd place! It was a rollercoaster after being 3rd in Austria, 17th in Fuerteventura and 3rd again in Sylt.

Thxs a lot Adrien and enjoy your time at home and on Maui!

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