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06. Mar 2017

Fanatic Winter Tales – ALICE ARUTKIN

Fanatic Winter Tales – ALICE ARUTKIN

Next up in our Winter Tales series is Watergirl Alice Arutkin representing both Fanatic Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling. What we love about Alice is that she is not only one of the top athletes on the World Tour, but is also very comfortable with her feminine side. This allows us to portray also the lifestyle and strong women´s participation in watersports in general, through her imagery. Read more about what Alice is up to during the winter months when she does not compete in the PWA World Tour!

Fanatic: What are you up to this winter?
AA: I was in Cape Town for some weeks now to train in the waves. Most of my team mates were there as well and it was nice to hang out together and share some waves. We were also producing a little team clip for Fanatic there and I did a lot of small clips by myself, so people could see what I am up to. My boyfriend is a professional video producer and makes very good photos as well, so this is just perfect!

Fanatic: Which destinations will you be visiting?
AA: At the moment I am at home but I am going to Maui end of March and will stay there till end of April. Besides training as much as I can we will have our annual photoshoot there beginning of April where I will promote Fanatic for Windsurf and SUP. To be a rider involved in the shoot means that your sponsor appreciates you as an athlete and the image you portray – I quite enjoy that. I have a trip organized in Morocco in June then. Between those dates I will see where the wind will carry me.

Fanatic: What are you goals?
AA: To improve my level  in the waves. And I really would like to make new trips, like going to spots I have never been so far. I will travel together with my boyfriend who is making photos and videos.  This is pretty fortunate and it will be way more easy for me to windsurf and create stories/share them on the social networks and all the others medias I could possibly reach.

Fanatic: What keeps you motivated throughout the winter?
AA: Windsurfing/Watersport is more than a job for me – it’s a passion/my life. You can have some ups and downs but you never lose your desire for the ocean and the waves. It’s a way of life, you plan some trips or events, it´s a never ending adventure. I am very lucky to be able to make a living from my passion, this is just perfect!

Fanatic: What is your main move(s) you want to improve over the winter?
AA: This winter, I concentrated on backlooping, I spent a few sessions just training that move. It´s for sure not the easiest one to land, but when you get there, you want to be perfect.

Fanatic: What other sports do you do?
AA: I like to do a lot of different sports as it can be boring to do the same one over and over. I like running, SUP, SUPsurfing, workout, fitness and dancing.

Fanatic: Do these sports help your riding and translate into your sport Windsurf/SUP?
AA: It’s always helpful to combine different sports, it can help you to feel and see your own practice from another angle. You can work on all parts of your body to avoid possible injuries.

Fanatic: Can you tell us a bit about your fitness and nutrition programme?
AA: I practice different sports, depending on the weather I train outside as often as I can. Windsurfing and SUP is most important to me and I plan all other activities around them. I try to eat very healthy and also when I travel I mainly eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I also work as a model, so my body shape and physical form is very important.

Fanatic: Does it change over the winter?
AA: When I am at home in in France during the winter months I spend less time on the water, but when I travel (Cape Town/Maui) my routine go back immediatly. Eating healthy for sure is easier at home as I have everything there to prepare healthy meals myself.

Fanatic: What gear are you riding?
AA: I almost only use the Quads. 69, 74 and 82 but most of the time the 74.

Fanatic: How does your chosen gear suit your style?
AA: I prefer to sail underpowered rather than overpowered and like to use small and light sails, the board just needs to turn well. I don’t mind to sail with a 82l board sometimes if there is no wind and small waves if it stays in control and radical. It’s kind of the same story for the Wave SUP, I like it stable and balanced. I am not as radical as the pros but I still quite like the smaller shapes.

Fanatic: What would Fanatic customers like about your favorite board?
AA: My Quads are super easy to ride, smooth but still radical enough. Fast enough to jump, well distributed in terms of weight and easy to surf – just perfect!  

Fanatic: Are you linking up with any of your Fanatic Team riders this winter?
AA: Most of the Fanatic riders are going to the same spots during the winter months, I saw almost everyone in Cape Town and I will see them again on Maui. I have the advantage to have my brother Arthur ravelling together with me most of the, which makes my trips way more easier and much more fun!

Fanatic: What has been your highlight of 2016?
AA: Thinking back my favorite time of the year was Maui in November. I felt I was really improving my waveriding then as the conditions were pretty stable and I was training on a regular base. Plus I really like the lifestyle on Maui, so altogether my favourite place!

Thxs a lot Alice and enjoy your time at home and on Maui!

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