Team Wing Foiling

Meet Christian Andersen

Team Wing Foiling: Meet Polarbear Christian Andersen from Cold Hawaii!


Made in Cold Hawaii: Christian Andersen – Polarbear! In 2019 he has showed his talent for the first time in Stand Up Paddling. After a fourth place in the world's toughest SUP race, the Red Bull Heavy Water, he became World Champion in the Technical Race at the ISA World Championships in El Salvador. Determination and hard work are just as much a part of his success as his hometown Klitmøller and friendship with his idol Casper Steinfath.


One thing is for sure, the calm and rather reserved Danish has what it takes to reach his goal. Besides Stand Up Paddling, his second dedictation is now Wing Foiling, SUP Foiling and Surf Foiling.

Christian, you are already a very successful Stand Up Paddler and Foiler, now Wing Foiling is your profession as well as well. How come and what's the difference?

I love all kinds of watersports, so the first time I watched Wing Foiling it looked like such a cool sport and I just had to try it! I really like the competitive side of SUP and the fact that I can go out in all kinds of conditions. For me Wing Foiling and SUP complement each other very well and in Denmark where I live we have a lot of windy days which is perfect for Wing Foiling.


Have you done any other wind sports before (like Windsurfing or Kiting)?

I have never done any windsurfing or kiting, I primarily come from a surfing and SUP background. I started SUP and Prone Foiling a few years ago which helped me pick up Wing Foiling, I just had to learn how to use the wind with the wing. The first 2 times I tried Wing Foiling was a bit difficult, but on my 3rd try it clicked and I was able to progress quickly from there.


When there's no wind you also like to go SUP or Surf Foiling. For sure that helps Wing Foiling?

Absolutely, it helps a lot. Especially SUP Foiling with foot straps helped me to learn how to jump and ride waves. It's also nice to have the opportunity to go out in waves with the SUP or Surf Foil when the wind isn't there.


What´s your favorite board/foil setup?

My favorite setup is my 4´8” Sky Wing with a 90 cm mast and the 1250 or 1500 Aero high aspect foil. For wings my favorite is definitely the Slick. I really like the 3 and 5, but it all depends on the wind and conditions.


Which moves are you working on right now, you also have some waves in Cold Hawaii where you live?

I am always working on learning new moves and with Wing Foiling being such a new sport the possibilities are endless! This year I really want to learn the frontside 720 and also do more air tricks while riding waves. The backflip or frontflip would be super cool as well!


Anything else?

Give Wing Foiling a try if you get a chance - it's a ton of fun!


More info: chistian-andersen

Photo Credits: Cat Yde