Team Wing Foiling

Meet Olivia Jenkins

Team Wing Foiling: Meet Olivia Jenkins from Maui!


Olivia comes originally from the UK but chose to live on Maui/Hawaii where she is able to be on the water as much as possible. Olivia is already kitesurfing for many years and knows kite foils and prone foils for a while now, so Wing Foiling ws the next logical step for her.



What prompted you to start Wing Foiling/ Surf Foiling – which one was first? 

I learned how to surf foil before learning to wing foil. I am always eager to try something new, so when I saw that surf foiling was becoming popular, I was quick to jump on board! I already knew how to kite foil and surf, so it just seemed like the natural transition to begin learning how to surf foil. A couple of years ago, Ken Winner (who lives on Maui) was testing new wing gear and I was really interested in the sport. I asked if I could give it a go and he gave me a wing to try. I didnt get my own gear until the beginning of last summer so that is when I really started winging more frequently.


What´s your favorite board? 

To surf foil I love the Fanatic Sky Surf Foil 4’8, for wing foiling I love the Fanatic Sky Wing 4’8 (or my custom Fanatic 4’6 26L from Sky Solbach).


Which moves are you working on right now?

I would like to learn how to backflip on the wing. However, it has been winter on Maui which means there have been waves! I haven’t tried a backflip yet as I don’t want to get injured during the wave season. Once summer kicks into action that’s when I will start flipping – then it will be time to bring out the body armor.

What motivates you to progress in your skills on the water?

I would mostly say my inherent desire to push my own limits. I also have a pretty awesome core group of friends that definitely motivate me to progress. We aren’t necessarily competitive, but we definitely push each other to improve.


What’s coming up for you that you are really excited about?  Any events or special challenges?

I am excited to hopefully graduate from my Master of Public Health program in June. That way I will have even more time to spend on the water!


Do you have any advice for other women who want to start wing foiling or foiling but are hesitant?

I think it’s important to not be intimidated! The first few days may be frustrating – but just remember it is like this for most people. Eventually you will start to progress, even if it seems difficult at first. Also, if you get to a beach and you are the only female, rock that position and show the men what you got!


More info: olivia-jenkins

Photo Credits: Toby Bromwich & Erik Aeder