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08. Mar 2018

In The Spotlight – Adam Lewis

In The Spotlight – Adam Lewis

Next up in our Spotlight series: Adam Lewis! Adam started the 2017 season with a serious ankle injury and ended it with a career best of 5th in the PWA wave ranking. It may have been a surprise to some, but not to anyone who knows the dedication of the 30 year old Englishman to his sport and ambitions. Read more hereafter!

Let’s rewind to the start of 2017 – how are you looking back on the season?
2017 was pretty tricky as I busted my ankle right at the start of the season. It turned out to be 3 torn ligaments and 2 ruptured. I think the first few weeks I was pretty grumpy but was really strict with recovery and focussed on getting better. Once I found out I would be off the water for 3 months I just set my mind on coming out of it stronger than when I started.

Highs and Lows?
Feels like I’ve had so many good moments this year but a few stand out right now. I won the British Wavesailing Association (BWA) event in Rhosneigr, it was the first time I’d sailed in over 3 months. I had worked so hard to be back in time for that event. But I hadn’t sailed beforehand and I was just happy to be sailing, but then to win was amazing! After that I guess a breakthrough moment was the heat against Brawzhino in Tenerife, it was a really close heat, just incredible to win. I think that changed my mindset to really believe I could beat those top guys.

Did you do anything different in terms of training and did it make a difference?
Top secret ha ha. No, I guess I stepped up the gym stuff just to be able to come back from the injury. A big mix of power squats, deadlifts, weighted pull-ups etc.. Because of the ankle I did a lot of single leg work; the basic idea was just to get really strong through a good range of movement.

What is your favourite board in your portfolio you would never toss?
Definitely the Stubby – I love it! I’m using my 82 more and more, I’ve got some customs and protos but I keep pulling out the 82.

Who do you look up to and why for inspiration in windsurfing and outside of the sport?
For inspiration in windsurfing I would say Levi Siver; for pure style and Bjorn Dunkerbeck for being such a champion but still giving back to the sport. Outside of the sport, I’ve always looked up to Mick Fanning.

What advice would you give to young groms looking to follow in your footsteps?
Never give up. Sail as much as you can and do what you love. Also if your getting sponsored be professional about it, treat it as a job and hopefully it will become one!

Who do you credit as part of your success?
Honestly, probably too many to mention all here. So many people have helped me on my way and I can’t thank them enough. Mum and Dad helped so much and still do with an insane amount of airport drop offs! Lucy my girlfriend who doubles up as a surf buddy and photographer. And – of course all my sponsors who always believed in me!

Where do you see your future in the sport/immediate and long term plans?
Immediately, I’d love a PWA podium. But I think it’s important to be goal driven rather than result driven because there is so much out of your control. So for the immediate future, I’m just focussing on getting fitter, stronger, improve a few aspects of my sailing and keep pushing!

Funniest moment on tour from 2017?
I guess the BWA in Tiree, it was sponsored by a brewery and we’d had a few before the prize-giving. Marc Pare was worried he’d fall off the podium… classic!

Turns or airs?
Turns all day, they just feel the best

Home or Hawaii?
Home, Hawaii’s been growing on me but I really love being at home in Cornwall.

Thrusters or Quads?
Thrusters, I moved to thrusters about 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back, so much easier to attack the wave vertically, loads of projection.

High boom or low boom?
Medium, I find it starts to creep up if I’m jumping a lot or creep down when I’m just riding a lot.

Big winds or big waves?
Big waves!

What do you expect from your winter training and what skills do you want to improve?
I always see areas that I could get better, it can be frustrating but windsurfing is such a challenging sport, so you fight for those improvements, it’s never ending and really rewarding.

Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2018?
So much, can I say all of it!

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