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08. Déc 2017

Malte Reuscher (GER-7777) joins Team Fanatic

Malte Reuscher (GER-7777) joins Team Fanatic

We are happy to announce that from January onwards, Top World Cup rider Malte Reuscher will be jibing with red Fanatic rockets around the buoys!

Malte comes from a real Slalom family, Windsurfing runs through his veins. His mum came to Elba Island in the mid 80´s for holidays and fell in love with his father and windsurfing at the same time. He was born in Hamburg/Germany but grew up in Elba/Italy – his own little paradise. His dad was a windsurfing instructor, later his mother followed his footsteps so Malte started windsurfing a the age of 5 years already. From that day he knew what he wants to do in his life. He spent every day on the water. From 2015 professional windsurfing became his job, his biggest passion and love.

We have catched up with Malte on his gear change:

Why Fanatic?
The Falcons are performing very well and that´s most important when you do competitions. I also quite like the team, it´s a good spirit and they act like a real little family. Another reason is that the R&D between product manager Daniel Aeberli and the riders is working very well and I am looking forward to be part of this.

Did you get a chance to try the boards and which models?
Yes I did try the Falcon range and the boards definitely perform really well – I can´t wait to compete with them!

What are your best results?
2nd PWA Alacati 2015
6th PWA Korea 2016
9th PWA Sylt 2015
12th PWA New Caledonia 2017
4th One Hour Classic Lake Garda 2017

What do you think of your new team mates like Pierre Mortefon, Marco Lang and Jordy Vonk?
Marco is a good friend since a few years already and we are also training together. I also get along with the others and for sure will train a lot with my Italian team mate Max Loncrini at Lake Garda.

Which events are you planning for 2018:
I will do the complete PWA Tour (Slalom and Foiling) as well as German Windsurf Cup.

Fanatic Product Manager Daniel Aeberli:  « Malte is a great personality and very professional. I am really looking forward to test the new prototypes with him and in the future. We will definitely profit a lot from his knowledge and racing skills. »

Age: 27
Sail Number: GER-7777
Birthday: 17. January 1990
Residence: Capoliveri/Elba
Size/Weight: 189 cm/93 kg
Windsurfing since: 1996
Favourite Spots: Lido di Capoliveri on Elba/Italy and Alaçati/Turkey
Disciplin: Slalom
Hobbies: Mountainbiking, Drones

Check out Malte´s profile here for more info:


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