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22. Fév 2018

Sarah Hébert & Aurélien le Métayer – Highlights from their Sailing Trip

Sarah Hébert & Aurélien le Métayer – Highlights from their Sailing Trip

A life at sea for the love of windsurfing. We probably all dreamed about casting off and set sail. That’s what Sarah Hébert and Aurélien le Métayer did last year with their 13-meter sailboat full of Windsurf and SUP gear and a 4 months old baby. After 8 months of « boat life », they are now in Brazil where they have just celebrated the first birthday of their little Nael. Here is the video of their best Windsurf sessions since the departure in May 2017!

The trip was not always easy and windsurfing from the boat as a was sometimes quite challenging. Sarah & Aurélien have met during competing, so windsurfing is a strong common passion. In Portugal, they were shredding the famous wave of Figueira da Foz. In Morocco, they spent 15 days in the port of Essaouira to get some good sessions in Moulay. On the Canaries, they stayed in Corralejo and Pozo. They knew these spots from sailing there during their PWA times, however being there with their sailboat had another taste. The taste of freedom and adventure. Before crossing the Atlantic, they also stopped on Boa Vista/Cabo Verde.

The adventure is just beginning , they will slowly go up the coast of Brazil, Guyana and then go back to Martinique to spend a year in the South of the Caribbean before crossing the Panama Canal to Polynesia.

Stay tuned for more!


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