Arthur Arutkin 2nd!

APP Race World Tour 2019

The APP World Tour 2019 just saw the latest event last weekend in Paris with the SUP Open event. Arthur was in a very good position to get the World Title again, it was very a tight battle between him and Casper Steinfath during the whole APP event season. He would have had it with winning the Long Distance yesterday. After a  strong start he stuck with the pack for the first half of the course, however hit a wall around the midway point, falling back in the race and out of contention for the 2019 World Title.


Vice World Champ is still a title you can be happy with - well done Arthur!


Also great job to Christian Andersen in 10th and 8th in Paris and Tom Auber for finishing 10th in Paris! It was great to watch those guys performing during the season - their passion, dedication and hard training has definitely paid off!


Top 5 APP World Tour Race 2019 Overall:
1. Casper Steinfath
2. Arthur Arutkin/Fanatic
3. Michael Booth
4. Martin Vitry
5. Noic Garioud


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