SUP World Trip with Julia & Rob

Episode 2 - USA

Julia and Rob are living thEIR dream on a 6-month world trip with their SUPs. Beginning of October they left Munich for this big adventure. After Canada their second stop was USA. Finding SUP spots in the wild southwest of the United States was not easy. A landscape that we as Central Europeans only know from television. But they did it and discovered incredible SUP spots in the wild west. And finally conquered a lake that dreams are made of... Check out THEIR Top Spots Herefater!


Spot 1: Lone Rock - Lake Powell
The starting point is Page. A small town in the middle of the desert. Our SUPer heart was dried out like a desert around us after 12 days without paddling. The anticipation to finally get back on the water was huge and we were rewarded. After about 20 minutes driving you reach Lone Rock Beach. And the huge, lonely rock in the water cannot be overlooked. Overwhelming! And that's not all. If you keep to the left (northwest) you will paddle past bright sandstones after about 30 minutes of paddling into the Lone Rock Canyon. And that's the next highlight. The sandstone formations narrow and become higher. The further you paddle in, the more peaceful it gets. A place of rest. The only thing to watch out for is that you always to remember is that the canyon is still wide enough to turn. With our Ray Air Premium Inflatables, this is at least 3.35 meters. -> Tip: If you don't have a four-wheel car, you should never drive down through the sand to the beach, but rather park at the top of the parking lot.

Spot 2: Antelope Canyon - Lake Powell
Here, too, Page is the perfect starting point for a tour. After about 15 minutes you reach the entrance: The Antelope Point Marina. There is a large car park and a boat ramp that enables you to get in the water comfortably. To get to the entrance of the Antelope Canyon, you have to paddle about 3,5km to the left. But this path is also beautiful. On the left and right, delicate red sandstone walls and clear water underfoot will wait for you. Once in the canyon, it gets narrower and the walls become higher. This scenery just leaves you speechless. In such moments, you inevitably notice how small you actually are, compared to such vast landscapes. In the middle of the canyon, the water is deep so that you cannot see the bottom. However, it is often flatter on the sides and the water is incredibly clear. You can see beautiful green algae dancing in the current. It is about 3 kilometers unti the end of the canyon. The water is getting pretty shallow and at some point you run aground. From there you could get out and hike a good distance.

Spot 3: Colorado River

This SUP tour has been one of our greatest adventures so far. The world-famous Colorado River is actually notorious for its sometimes very dangerous whitewater sections. But one section is perfect for flat water paddling. It is the section between the Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry. The Glen Canyon Dam is at the same level as Page. Unfortunately, you can't get in there. And there is no cross-connection to Lee's Ferrys either. You have to drive around and instead of driving the 10 kilometers real distance, it´s 85 kilometers in the end. How does it work? You have to charter a boat that will take you upriver from Lee´s Ferry. 25 kilometers to the Glen Canyon Dam. There you are dropped off with your inflated SUP and from now you are on your own. And that is meant literally. Suddenly you find yourself in a huge canyon on the Colorado River. There are no options to get out of the car anywhere quickly and get help if necessary. During the entire day we saw two more paddleboarders and a few anglers. A breathtaking and unforgettable experience! A highlight is the famous Horseshoe Bend we paddled through. Super nice and much less busy than at the top of the viewpoint. The river leads you along its winding path through the red canyon landscape. On the left and right there is always the opportunity to land a picnic and soak up nature. The Colorado River has a flow rate of 3-6 km/h in this section. Depending on how many photo stops and breaks you take, you should plan at least 6 hours.

Spot 4: Lake Tahoe

Our last SUP spot in the US was the indescribable and unique Lake Tahoe in California. Over 1,100 kilometers away from our previous spot on the Colorado River. It wasn't actually on our direct route, but we dreamed of paddling here one day for far too long, so we absolutely had to take the detour. We were incredibly lucky with the weather. In mid / late November we were able to paddle in around 15 degrees and sunshine on Sand Harbor. On crystal-clear water with the well-known washed stones underneath. A dream came true. Winter arrived with snow and storm one day after our departure. Hallelujah!


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