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15. Fév 2016

TWS Slalom Stages Tenerife powered by Fanatic

TWS Slalom Stages Tenerife powered by Fanatic

It´s TWS Slalom Stage time again! While it´s cold around Europe right now, on the sunny Canary Island temperatures do not drop below 20° in winter/spring time. Besides the famous Wave image, El Medano has also grown as a super Slalom spot over the last years. The Slalom Stages, organized by TWS (Tenerife Windsurf Solution), create a complete new concept for windsurfing addicts. They offer the very best equipment in Slalom, Freeride, Freestyle and Wave gear from Fanatic and NorthSails. Windsurfing at its best without he hassle and struggle of travelling with your own kit. Additional they offer special technique clinics for gybing, tuning and trimming, given by PWA riders like Fanatic´s Jordy Vonk or Marco Lang.

Have a blast with our latest Slalom gear from 12 knots onwards and enjoy the ride with a group of friends, team mates or just by yourself – book your spot now!

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