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Clean Beach Days 2022

12.600 pieces of trash collected: Clean Beach Days 2022

The Clean Beach Days are a wrap! For the third consecutive time the brands Duotone, Fanatic and ION collectively hosted the worldwide Clean Beach Days.

We are beyond stoked to report over 12.600 pieces of trash collected from beaches, lakesides, river shores, mountain trails and forests. Thank you very much for helping in a joint effort to save our playgrounds.


Building on this momentum, Boards&More donates 1€ for every piece of trash collected to the Ocean Clean Up (@theoceancleanup). The Ocean Clean Up is a non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. 


At Boards&More we constantly strive to minimize our ecological footprint and are aware of our responsibility to protect the environment. The Clean Beach Days are another small step in this direction and together with your help, it can grow to become an even bigger step each year. Thanks for joining the journey.


How to join


Please download the free Planet Patrol app

Find our mission “Save our Playgrounds” and join it


There will take place organized clean ups in different countries worldwide throughout thewhole period of the mission. Follow our brands’ social media for exact dates and places. You can also team up with a friend and/or family members to go on your own Clean Up and participate in our mission.


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Record your collected trash

How to record your collected trash

  • Please use the free Planet Patrol app to record the amount of trash collected. You can download the app for free, register within a minute, select the Boards&More Save our Playgrounds Mission and start collecting trash wherever you are!
  • When you see litter, open the Planet Patrol app, take a photo and tag the type and brand of litter
  • Record everything in the Boards&More Save our Playgrounds Mission on the free Planet Patrol app
  • Separate what you pick up into recyclables and non-recyclables


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Share your Impressions

share Your impressions with us via social media


Take pictures during and at the end of your Clean Beach Day of the trash collected and of your team and feel free to share these impressions with us via social media.


We feel it is our responsibility to take action and do what we can to save our playgrounds before it is too late. And we invite everyone to join us in this endeavour! Thank you for your support! Each participant takes part on a voluntary basis, without payment and at one’s own risk.

Partnerships in Sustainability Projects

Our Ambassadors

Lizzy Carr

PlaNET Patrol

Thankfully, one incredible Stand Up Paddleboarder – Lizzie Carr - is spearheading a global mission to rid the world of plastic pollution, by tackling it from its root - canals and rivers all over world – thereby intercepting it before it reaches the oceans. 

Already a keen adventurer and environmentalist, Lizzie originally got into SUP for fitness, but soon noticed that the waterways around London where she paddled were clogged with plastic waste. Lizzie set up a non-profit organisation that has grown to become a global movement of like-minded people working together on land and water to protect the environment we love.

Planet Patrol (formerly called Plastic Patrol) helps to organise clean-ups all over the world (44 countries and counting), bringing communities together at specified events to identify and collect plastic waste, photograph and log the evidence through the Planet Patrol App, before clearing it away.  On World Cleenup Day Planet Patrol was organising global clean up actions in differents segments - a great achievement - which we're proudly supporting!


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Thomas Oschwald

Stand Up For Safe Water

SUP adventurer Thomas Oschwald from Switzerland paddled from the North Sea up the Rhine to the Tomasee at 2 345 meters above sea level. He traveled for 3 000 kilometers and was on the water for 2 – 3 months. His tour took him through 6 countries – all for a destination that is actually located only a few kilometers away from his home. On the first 1600 km long stage to the mouth of the Rhine, the adventurer had porpusly moved away from the clean spring water. In this section, he experienced first-hand what it means when clean drinking water does not simply bubble out of the tap. A water cleansing system for bottled water forced the adventurer to get along with the water that surrounds him. 

Thomas has already done several SUP micro expeditions and is always in search of new challenges in sports and everyday life, he keeps pushing his limits. His inner conviction is that it forces him to face all the big and small challenges in life while he breaks out of the everyday rhythm and strides out into new worlds.


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Pascal Rösler

Pure Water for Generations

In 2017 Pascal Roesler, a businessman from Munich, paddled from Munich to the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea, 2 467 km and 63 days on the water with his Falcon Air, about 600 000 paddle strokes in total. He did that all for a good cause – to raise awareness of the need for clean water, essential for our planet’s survival. In 2018 he went down the river Salzach, accompanied by our river SUP ambassador Oliver Heldt. The Salzach runs 225 kilometers before flowing into the river Inn. Pascal started his tour from the source near the Salzachgeier to demonstrate how the river changes on its way. In July 2019 he visited several schools in Bavaria to demonstrate awareness towards our water and environment. With 30 Fanatic SUPs, SUPing was a big part of this programme with over 1000 students enjoying the experience and learning more about sustainability and the role they can play in safeguarding our planet for future generations. In the meantime, Pascal has left his full time employment to
dedicate his time and effort to saving the environment with many exciting new projects to come.


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