Shawna Cropas & Tom Brendt

Sharing The Stoke

Nothing is better than sharing the stoke of windsurfing, and it’s now easier than ever to learn our sport and experience the thrill and freedom of gliding across the water without a care.
We are proud to support world-class coaches such as Tom Brent (Venezuela) and Shawna Cropas (Maui) - who through their clinics have been spreading their knowledge and stoke for over 20 years around the world.
Tom Brendt´s Windsurflabor dates for 2020 are out and there are some new destinations like Alacati or Lake Garda for you. Or maybe you fancy a trip to Maui next year? The Aloha Windsurf Clinics with Shawna Cropas are for beginners up to experts and will definitely take you to your next level!

Tom Brendt

Windsurf Clinics

Tom loves nothing better than to help others make the move they’ve always dreamed of and get them hooked on windsurfing.  Here he thanks all the newest developments in board design, which makes his job so much easier for him, and so much more rewarding for the rider.
TOM BRENDT:“You get back to the beach, your heartbeat accelerating, don´t know whether to smile or scream, run and tell your friends - your family. How good was that?  The first time sailing on a Windsurfer, turning around and coming back to where you started from - and it all felt so easy. You want to tell everyone, dream about it all night but first, have some drinks with your friends at the beach to finalise that perfect moment.
This is the reason I started coaching, having felt that same way many times. Could there be anything better than helping others to get to that point? Get hooked to our amazing sport with ease and lots of fun. This for me - besides learning the basics right - is the key for progress.
If now you also find the companies to produce exactly the right gear to reach this goal, share the same passion; make windsurfing easier and coaching even more, I couldn´t think of anything better.
Not only getting people on board and into the sport, also give them the possibility to improve easily, to practise more frequently by building boards that work in a much wider range, all sort of conditions.
I definitely enjoyed all the changes in board-design and new board-types that came out since I started coaching about 20 years ago. The shorter and wider Vipers provided maximum stability for the very first steps; while turning much faster and controlled into the basic transitions, going upwind and coming back home with ease.  Steps like beach and waterstarts, harness use and first planing with controlled board-speed became so much easier on these board shapes.  And the best part, a very similar board for kids – the Ripper - came out that actually grows with them and their level. All of this could only be topped, by creating those boards as inflatable Windsurf/SUP boards
When the shorter and wider Geckos came out, a whole new world for intermediate Windsurfers opened up; hop on, enjoy, and improve in fast-forward mode! All these new shapes gave us the chance to get going with less speed. Focus better and easier on body positioning and sail techniques, and concentrate on the manoeuvre you were about to try, practise and learn. The progress I can see on those boards is just amazing.”


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Shawna Cropas

Aloha Windsurf Clinics

When Shawna is not shredding waves at Ho’okpia on her Grip TE, she is coaching intimate groups on building all their core skills. Such is the uniqueness of Maui’s North Shore – flat water on the inside and waves further out - she can teach beginners and intermediates at the same time. The fundamental skills required for both are the same, such as mast foot pressure, stance or hand positioning.
Here, Shawna goes even further in her praise for this sport. The belief windsurfing is a core skill as important as growing food and building houses. If our civilisation collapses you’ll need to know how to sail away and wind-fish!
SHAWNA CROPAS: "In life I think we are all in pursuit of joy & connection with each other, with ourselves, and (for us water-lubbers) the ocean. At the end of our days we will not think about our clean houses and all the money we made. We will remember peak states where we were alight with living. We will smile at all the fire moments in our lives when we were ablaze, hitting a lip that terrified us or planing on a windsurfer for the very first time, screaming, “YES!” with self-satisfaction. 
For me, it will be the laughing with friends in huge Irish seas where the wind blew us off the water. Memories of huddling for warmth against a gale behind a friends van before we headed into the storm once more. I will hold on to smiles shared, huge Ho’okipa waves and all the friends I have made at the beach. 
I always joke: learning Windsurfing is a core life skill like building homes, growing gardens, making clothes, and basic mechanics. Sailing boats are how man has travelled well before horses, cars trains and planes. Should civilization ever collapse you will be happy when you are able to sail out and wind-fish, or get to the next island. This makes everyone laugh at first, and then they stop and ‘hmmmm’ while calculating the logic of my logic. Friends who don’t windsurf immediately ask me for lessons. LOL. Friends who windsurf go out and buy fishing tackle.
Windsurfing is a release from all worldly contrived pressures. It feels like bliss and most say it’s the ultimate freedom. A way to literally walk off the earth - with all its straight lines and rules - and simply set sail. Away. Alone. Chilled. Relaxed in full immersion with nature. A landscape that is void of roads and signs.
Nothing keeps us in shape like windsurfing. It is grace and balance.  It’s the pureness of harnessing and transferring nature’s powers via your body. Health is our wealth and time is the new valued currency. “Collecting moments and not things” is our 2020 mantra.
Windsurfing is so full on, it requires all our attention. It allows no room to think about anything else (let alone problems) when we are balancing the fluctuating power of wind and liquid sea states. Focused moments create a meditational state of mind. Success floods our bodies with dopamine, which makes us happy and makes us desire more."

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