Welcome to our Grom Team

Primus Sörling

We are happy to announce that 2022 Freestyle Pro Tour "Rookie of The Year" Primus Sörling hast joined our Fanatic Grom Team!

Primus is 16 years young and started windsurfing at the age of five. He lives in South Sweden together with his parents and his biggest goal is to become a professional windsurfer aiming for the first place in the juniors and of course World Champion in the men´s! Watch him go: -)



Primus: "It’s a dream come true to win this award and my new Fanatic and Duotone freestyle gear. It motivates me even more to sail at every opportunity, improve and try new moves! The FPT Rookie Camp I joined last year helped me a lot, they  heat area and told me what moves to open my heats with. It definitely allowed me to have flying start in the competition scene."


More info: primus-soerling