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17. Jul 2017

Functional Movement Workshop Mallorca

Functional Movement Workshop Mallorca

More and more people begin loosing their natural abilities such as running, jumping or throwing, simply because they don´t play an important role in their daily life anymore. As a result, it almost seems natural today, that people complain about back pain while standing or pain in the knees after a little run.

Watersports Training offers a Functional Training Workshop, which is designed to address those problems, caused by our “modern lifestyles. Every change in the way we train, eat or live is caused by an initiating event. After this workshop you will  move better, move more often, become stronger, fitter and more efficient in your day to day life. Our Fly Air Fit is offering the perfect platform!

Date: 02.09. – 05.09.17

Location: Somewhere around Mallorca on a Sailing Boat

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