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25. May 2017

German Author on a SUP Mission for Europe

German Author on a SUP Mission for Europe

Bestselling writer and filmmaker Timm Kruse starts his SUP MISSION EUROPE on June 1st on his Ray Air Premium! On his quest for Europe he will try to Stand Up Paddle the entire River Danube from the Black Forest in

Germany to the Black Sea in Romania. His tour will guide him through ten different countries and 3.000 Kilometers. For the 47 year old, the world’s most international river stands as a floating symbol for freedom, independence, diversity and a common identity. Timm will try to defend and spread these values to people on shore and share his idea of liberty.

It´s a story about breaking boundaries, through hundreds of different dialects, cultures, ethnicities and traditions. Downstream, Timm will ask some inconvenient questions: What has happened to our values? Where do all the radicals come from? How is Europe doing? How does a Moldavian think about Europe differently from an Austrian or Romanian? The author will move his life onto his paddle board for 60 days. He will paddle 50 kilometers in six to eight hours every day from Germany to Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia and Ukraine; through enchanted villages, impressive metropolises, and overwhelming landscapes.

“I see myself as a water-wanderer”, says Timm Kruse. “Of course it’s a daredevil tour, but it will give me a new perspective on our continent and maybe I can infect people with my enthusiasm for a free and open European continent.”

Fans and spectators can follow Timm all the way via GPS tracking on the project website. In addition, the bestselling author will write a book.

Stay tuned for more – you can follow the action here:


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