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08. Jan 2014

Kyron and the Chocolate Factory

Kyron and the Chocolate Factory

Fanatic International SUP rider Kyron Rathbone experiencing the Benak Tidal Bore in Sri Aman/Malaysia!

Kyron surfed for the first time ever the area between Bakong and Sri Aman. Riding 1-5 feet bore waves for a Tasmanian daredevil like Kyron, who regularly surfs the beasty open water spots like Shipstern and Pedra Blanca, is anything but scary. But Kyron truly got the bore bug, enjoying the brown water rides as much as chocolate candy bars! He became very creative with what you can do on a wave riding such a long time! On day 2, he broke the Benak record with a 28 minutes exhilarating ride at Cadbury Rights only taken down by lightning which literally stroke him down!

Kyron after his adventure:
“I had such a ball on the Tidal Bore and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again soon, the one thing I would do differently is probably lay down to catch the wave in the whitewash… It may sound lame but the wave is so hard to predict and if you miss then it can be a long wait till the next section. Also, it would be good to have a rubber ducky or jet ski on hand to be able to get to where you need to be and fast!!!!”

Check out the clip produced by Clément Gargoullaud, very much “Kyron” like he is as a person:


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