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01. Jul 2014

Launch Wave/Freestyle Boards 2015

Launch Wave/Freestyle Boards 2015

Our new 2015 Wave/Freestyleboards Quad TE, TriWave TE, FreeWave/TE/TeXtreme® & Skate/TE are now online!  This is the first Product Launching for 2015 products.

For 2015 we give you hot new graphics! A contemporary mix of modern colour, inspired by the demands of an increasingly youthful market. Working closely with our World Class team riders and young talent, we give you an extensive range, so you can easily achieve the ultimate ride. With the option of one, three or four fin setups, combined with high tech design, the versatility of our Waveriding range is endless. The TriWave fills the gap perfectly between the Quad and FreeWave. Featuring six sizes with a wide more compact outline, we can assure you that you’re first on the plane; while the shorter shape and snappy tail outline provides extremely desirable turning abilities. The Quad TE sees a wider centre and flatter deck, offering stability while enhancing power, grip and speed. The FreeWave offers the ultimate freedom to any rider, with a slightly shorter, more compact outline and a fuller, rounder nose, we ensure easy planing and smooth Waveriding. All of our Wave/FreeWave models have weight saving layups with no compromise to the solid, top Fanatic quality you’d expect. Whether you are looking to impress the crowds with your showmanship, throw down a bag of tricks or start dialling your first Freestyle moves, then the Skate TE is the perfect companion for you whilst the Skate BGS is ideally suited to Freestyle newbies.

Check out the details of the new models and learn more about the board models  on the product pages or watch the individual products teasers, in which our shaper Sebastian Wenzel explains the features of the boards!

Or enjoy to dive into the world of Fanatic watching our Wave/Freestyle Team Webisode with Fanatic riders Victor Fernandez, Klaas Voget, Adam Lewis, Alessio Stillrich, Max Rowe and Maxime van Gent on Maui!