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06. Jun 2018

Michael Walther paddling for Climate Change

Michael Walther paddling for Climate Change

Michael Walther, a sportsman from Germany, was recently paddling to the ice border in Greenland  to set a sign for the climate change. His team consisted of  Daniell Bohnhof (photographer) and Max Stolarow (director and camera). His goal was to reach the ice border via Stand Up Paddling, capturing the impressive beauty of nature with photo and video, in order to raise awareness in terms of climate change and marine conversation. The start of their tour was in Aasiaat.

But it is different than expected. Wind and cold temperatures made it difficult to paddle during the first few days and they couldn’t leave the island as planned. Finally, the ice was melting a bit so they slowly were able to head north. In order to not get stuck in the ice, they had to react quick. Faster than expected, the ice shift made it impossible to get through. Eventually they reached Ilulissat, where they found impressive glaciers and icebergs. 80m high ice giants were getting in their way there. The advantage of these icebergs is that they move very slowly – the disadvantage is that you never know when a part of it breaks off.  The ice cover in Disco-Bay shifted so much that their return journey was not easy at all. So it turned out different than expected: After a few days in Disco-Bay they eventually reached the ice border, their final destination.

Michael Walther: “Life on and in front of Greenland depends on nature, as everywhere else. Wind, waves, weather and the ice ruin every plan and turn every route upside down. Nevertheless, we have reached our goal and found stunning impressions, awesome nature and interesting people. Incidentally we collected informations on how concrete the climate change is here already.”

Stay tuned fo more, a video of the trip is under procedure!


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