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09. May 2016

New Clip: Kai Bates Indo 2016

New Clip: Kai Bates Indo 2016

Kai Bates and Forrest Ladkin just released a brand new clip from Indo! Another adventure of the two with a torturous flat spell and many rained in days, but great nature and swells. Tropical paradise, pumping waves, warm water, good food, and a great bunch of people. Hope you enjoy the great waves and good times!

Kai Bates about this trip:

“So lucky to have Indonesia not to far from my doorstep, its a place of pumping waves, cheap food and a luscious hot climate, the perfect recipe for any surfer dude. Most years now I have made the effort to get over to Indo, I feel like after a week there your surfing quality just doubles. The waves are so user friendly, it feels kind of like going to a skatepark for surfing, you know whats going to happen each wave so it just makes your timing so much easier.

This year was a little way off perfect, but we made the most of what we had on offer, I feel on most trips it´s like this. You generally go hoping obviously that it is going to pump the whole time but sometimes thats not the case, the winds not right or the swell is off a little and so on… But what makes trips into something special is the ability to turn whatever you get thrown into something great. That’s kinda what this trip was like, we didn’t have the swell we were looking for but the group we had was just unreal, we are all good mates and just having time on a trip with mates is just perfect. On top of that I had my dad on the trip, he’s like a 18 yr old in a (how ever old he is) body it was awesome to spend time with him, really made the trip.

Forrest Ladkin put this small clip together, his editing and filming skills in the last few years have really blown a lot of people away. I can´t thank him and Ryder enough for their effort I’m really happy how it finished up, for the conditions on offer the angles of the drone and land really made the clip!”

Thanx boys – an absolutely awesome clip!

Watch here!


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