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15. Jan 2014

New Release: Falcon Flatwater

New Release: Falcon Flatwater

We are pleased to introduce a brand new pure Falcon Flatwater Raceboard! With the ever growing amount of pure flat water races, we extended our race line with 4 additional shapes in two technologies, which work just perfect in these conditions.

After a very intensive R&D process that went on for well over one year, 4 new shapes will allow our team riders to dominate in all areas of SUP racing. Our successful concept of open water designs, where being easy in all kinds of conditions is the main feature, was the basis for the new boards. The goal was to create a flat water board that would be the fastest in flat water, but yet be capable of handling slight chop, a situation our riders and everyone else racing is often confronted with. Now, with this new design you can fully focus on your completion as the board just goes by itself.

Watch the product clip with Jake Jensen, Paul Jackson & Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel here: