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17. Aug 2015

Out Now: Fanatic Freeride/Freerace Range 2016

Out Now: Fanatic Freeride/Freerace Range 2016

We are happy to announce that after our Wave/Freestyle Launch mid July, our new Fanatic Freeride/Beginner, Freerace/Slalom & Formula Collection is now online as well!

Here are some highlights:
The Fanatic Freeride range is focussed on ease of use and pure fun, spiced with the typical Fanatic performance! Sharing the love for the sport and passing our addiction to ride to new faces and to the next generation is one of our constant missions. We now also offer inflatable entry level Windsurfboards as the convenient and super easy transport package.Our Slalom, Racing and Speed line of Falcons has what it takes to dominate with ease. Lightning top speeds with full control at all times is the winning formula for our PWA World Cup Team. Simply step on, hook in and enjoy yourself!

Our seven Gecko sizes (98 to 156) are the most user friendly and fun Freerideboards. The wider and thinner Gecko-Concept offers stability, easy planing and an unmatched glide through gybes and carving manoeuvres. If you’re a planing first timer, looking to finally get your power gybe dialled or if you’re just looking for an effortless cruise – the Gecko is what you want! If you want more performance, the Hawk will give you a rush. Built in performance attributes from our Slalom programme combined with ease of use of a Freerider and superb bump & jump abilities. Simply the best possible combination of speed and manoeuvrability out there. Three Hawks (99, 113 & 124) in either Bamboo or Innegra Carbon LTD construction will let you fly past your buddies with ease.

With over 30 years of experience in getting new sailors hooked, feedback through our global network of schools and centers and last but not least getting our own kids infected with the windsurfing virus – we built the Viper and the Ripper to offer adults and kids the same easy entry to the sport. Both models are equipped with great planing and gybing performance and multiple footstrap options to take you to the next level. We now also offer inflatable entry level Windsurfboards with the Viper Air and Ripper Air Windsurf models as the convenient and super easy transport package. Built in our durable Double Layer HD technology and supplied with our new highly effective Power Pump, you’ll reach the recommended air pressure with ease and start your adventure on a stable, stiff and rigid platform. Rolled up, stored and transported in our Premium Wheely Backpack, taking your Windsurfboard to the beach has never been easier.

For 2016 we’ve spiced the Falcon TE and Falcon Slalom models with scarily fast acceleration and even easier handling in terms of control and gybing. Seven sizes from 90 to 152 of the Falcon TE cover all Slalom conditions and riders needs to find the dream quiver of highly tuned racing machines. We now bring the major sizes of the same shape (99, 112 & 121) in a Biax Glass SandwichLight Finish version including fin and additional footstrap plugs as our user-friendly version for the every day speed seeker. Our Falcon Speed is built to break the boundaries of speed records. Three no compromise shapes will take you over the finishing post like a bullet.

Falcon Formula:
With our new version of our Falcon Formula we’re underlining our demands to dominate the Race scene. Incredibly well trimmed for effortless speeds and insane up – and downwind angles that will reduce your opponents to despair.

Check out the individual boards here:

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