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16. Jun 2017

Out Now: Tricktionary 3

Out Now: Tricktionary 3

After more than 3 years, finally this extremely comprehensive brand new Windsurfing Tricktionary book is finished! Countless hours of detail work have gone into this book and  it contains very important information for windsurfers of every level with lots of nice Fanatic shots in there!

• 480 pages, hardcover
• 7 main chapters: Basics, Slalom, Light Wind Freestyle, Planing Freestyle, Jumping Freestyle, Power Freestyle, Wave
• Afraid of too highly technical jumping tricks; don’t be – more than half the book is non-jumping tricks!
• (188 pages more than Tricktionary 2, more than 250 pages more than Tricktionary 1)
• ISBN Numbers: ENGLISH: 978-3-903038-18-9 / GERMAN: 978-3-903038-19-6

Available from June 20th, for more info/orders check:

There is also an upgraded, more advanced version of our mobile app last year (2016). The idea is to use the app to bring more interactivity into windsurf coaching, so it was important, to connect the app to the book.  The app is also used as a guide to find topics or moves in the book. by adding a Tricktionary book (1, 2 or 3) in your account, you’ll see the page number in the book while browsing or searching the move database on your mobile, or even your desktop (web app).

Available in your app store as “Windsurfing Tricktionary” or at

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