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01. Sep 2017

Product Launch Freerace 2018

Product Launch Freerace 2018

The Falcon Slalom TE’s scream ‘Speed!’ With their super efficient cut out design and proven rockers for early planing and fast acceleration. Joining the six piece line is the all new 98l, all of which showcase an ergonomic rail design for grip and power from start to finish. Optimised volume flow, premium Biax Carbon Sandwich construction and on-trend graphics create a superior race experience. Specialised and living for the lighter days is the Falcon Lightwind 159l. 90cm of wide surface area provides phenomenal early planing, whilst the super efficient cut out design delivers incredible speeds in marginal conditions. Special light wind interests are combined with finely tuned fin and mast position to further enhance planing and acceleration. Inspired by some of the fastest sailors in the world is the state-of-the-art Falcon Speed range. New this year is the medium sized Falcon Speed 52.5. All three boards are built for purpose in our Biax Glass Sandwich construction, and are made with adrenaline junkies in mind.


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