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01. Sep 2016

Product Launch Freerace & Beginner 2017

Product Launch Freerace & Beginner 2017
Our new 2017 Freerace- and Beginnerboards are now online!
Our Slalom, Race and Speed lines of the Falcon operate on a simple formula; acceleration, speed and the ability to change direction rapidly. The Falcon Slalom TE 89, 114 and 136 got some upgrades in the form of intense acceleration and early planing in order to match the award winning performance of the 99, 121 and 129. Directly evolved from our CAD developed Falcon Slalom line is the Falcon Formula. Designed to reach those tight upwind angles and dominate the downwind chase, its super light finish of Full Biax Carbon Sandwich makes it a winning formula. Living for the lighter days is the all-new Falcon Lightwind 159. Its finely tuned fin and mast position allow for sublime early planing and rapid acceleration, whilst the detailed cut out design and light finish construction ensures full control at top speed. If you’re a high speed adrenaline junkie then the Falcon Speed has got your name on it. Built purely to break records with phenomenal pace and maximum velocity, each model is a fine-tuned performer with impeccable handling, especially when gybing. Coming in three sizes (54, 68 and 79) and a light finish of Biax Glass Sandwich, there are no boundaries for the Falcon Speed.
The Viper and the Ripper are offering kids and adults the same easy entry to the sport. Both have the highly durable soft deck, impressive yet controllable planing characteristics, and multiple footstrap options to make the learning curve a quick one. We also offer the inflatable Viper Air and Ripper Air as entry level windsurf boards, available in a convenient and easy transportable package. Built in our durable Double Layer HD technology and supplied with our highly effective Power Pump, you’ll reach the recommended air pressure with ease and start your adventure on a stable, stiff and rigid platform. Rolled up, stored and transported in our Premium Wheely Backpack, taking your board to the beach has never been easier. New to the line is a fun Tandem Air for paddling and sailing with others!
The Fanatic Ride rig is perfect for all windsurfers who want to keep it simple – supplied complete with mast, sail, boom with uphaul, extension and mast foot, all in a handy bag to keep the parts together and organised for your next windsurfing session. The Ride SUP rig is designed to power SUP boards fitted with mast tracks, and WindSUP boards like our Viper Air and Ripper Air. The perfect light wind WindSUPrig is easy to sail, straight forward to assemble, and convenient to store. The Ripper rig is light, durable, easy to use and most of all compact – perfect for kids to learn!
Brand new for 2017 are our unique animated 3D views for each board! Move, twist, turn, enlarge and check out every small detail of your favourite board/construction before you eventually buy it – go to your favourite board and check it out!


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