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01. Aug 2016

Product Launch Freeride 2017

Product Launch Freeride 2017

Our new 2017 Freerideboards are now online!

For 2017, we welcome the brand new Blast! Drawing on the best performance features of the Stubby and the Falcon, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Ready for your input, it’s a great performer stoked to give you a pinch more speed when your foot hits the gas! For the fun and friendly Freeride companion, look no further than the Gecko. Available in seven sizes (98 – 156) and two constructions (BXF and HRS), the ›wider, thinner with less volume‹ concept guarantees quick-to-plane, easy gybing abilities and plenty of flow. The Gecko still remains the most user friendly and fun Freerideboard in the line.

Brand new for 2017 are our unique animated 3D views for each board! Move, twist, turn, enlarge and check out every small detail of your favourite board/construction before you eventually buy it – go to your favourite board and check it out!



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