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01. Aug 2017

Product Launch Freeride 2018

Product Launch Freeride 2018

Our new 2018 Freeride line with new Gecko, Gecko Eco and Blast is now online!

You’re in for a Blast with the master of Freeride. The slim center combined with a wide  diamond tail and compact nose means this range does exactly what is says on the tin. For 2018 the Blast 100, 115 and 130 line-up has been extended with a floaty  145. No wind, no worries, this is your ticket to ride.

The ever popular Gecko range consists of seven fun and friendly boards ranging from 98 – 156, and available in two constructions (BXF and HRS). Drawing on our  Ocean Minded spirit for inspiration, we created the eco-friendly Gecko Eco. Embracing all the outstanding riding characteristics of the Gecko, we use Flax, Cork and Bamboo to form an exciting layup with a fine finish.

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