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01. Sep 2016

Product Launch SUP Range 2017

Product Launch SUP Range 2017

We are happy to announce that our 2017 SUP Collection is now online !

Waveboards:  Our 2017 Waveboard line is precise, personalised and powerful. The 4 shapes in the ProWave line are limitless and designed for extreme riding to meet the needs of our World Class riders, and ambitious shredders. For unmatched fun and flow, the AllWave collection comes into its own no matter the size or shape of the wave. Stable underfoot, available in four sizes and two constructions, waveriding has never been easier. Inspired by modern surfing concepts is the Stubby. For 2017, the Stubby line has grown to four sizes ranging from 7’10” – 8’8”. Shorter in length, and with wider sections, this high performance design offers stability, speed, excellent wave catching abilities and a playful nature. For those lacking storage, this brand favourite is available as an inflatable as well! If you’re looking to replicate that flowing sensation of Longboard surfing, get ready to be wowed by the Stylemaster. Premium performance and quality has never looked better. What are you waiting for?

Allroundboards: The 2017 all-round range has never looked better. The Fly is loved by all and designed to create great first experiences for those just starting out, as well as meeting the demands of the experienced paddler. Available in a broad range of sizes and as inflatable models too, they all come to life both on the flat, and in small to mid sized waves. Our Ripper Air is the perfect toy for the upcoming rippers! For 2017 the Diamond 9’6” is complemented by the all-new 10’6”. With cruising Longboard attributes, taking the to waves has never been easier or more stylish.The inflatable version of the women’s specific gem is the Diamond Air. Available in our lightweight Stringer technology, the Diamond range embodies the surfing spirit with style and grace.

Touringboards: For the adventurous paddlers looking to go on their next escapade, our Touring range has just the companion for you. The Ray is the ultimate cruiser with a maximized water line for outstanding stability and glide. The two sizes of 12’6” long, and either 27.5” or 30” wide are fast, exceptionally easy to paddle and designed for your comfort. Available in two state of the art inflatable technologies, as well as our composite Wood Edition LTD and Pure Light construction, it’s never been easier to find your perfect board.For the ladies, our specialised Diamond Air Touring shines with outstanding abilities and performance. Summed up as pure paddling perfection, days on the water have never been more beautiful.

Raceboards: For 2017, our winning formula for our Race range has your place on the podium reserved. The Falcon’s lightning fast speeds, now come with increased stability. Its enhanced waterline will have you skimming across the water, whilst its feather light Custom Carbon Sandwich construction ensures extra acceleration and responsiveness. Also available as an inflatable, there’s a winner waiting for everyone. For flawless flat water racing, the Strike improved stability will give you all the confidence you need to cross the finishing line first. Available in two 14’0” racing hulls of 24” and 26” wide, as well as a 12’6” x 25”. Produced in our high tech Custom Carbon Sandwich Light Finish technology, second place will become a thing of the past. For the up-and-coming competitive grom, the Ripper Race will give them the confidence and hunger to win. Based around the Falcon Air design, the Double Layer Light technology creates a premium layup with unmatched stiffness.

SUP Fit/Yoga: The Fly Air Fit, is the perfect board to take your workout to the water. With a large surface area of 11’0” x 35”, it’s specifically designed to keep you high and dry during your of balance training like Pilates or SUP Yoga.

River SUP: The Rapid Air and Rapid Air Touring are designed to flow downstream on rivers before hitting the white-water rapids. With 300 l of volume and small HD fins, nothing will hold you back. The top choice for the explorer looking to find surf far away from the ocean.

WindSUP: The Viper Air and Ripper Air WS are designed for the next windsurfing generation. Fuelled by our passion for the sport, we created these boards as our legacy. In order to get kids hooked and stoked on a lifetime of boardriding, we know that each session has to be fun, friendly and unforgettable.

Big Fun: Realising that it’s often more fun to do things together, we created the Tandem Air Premium. The Fly Air L and XL giant boards are the perfect toys to hit the water and share a ride with a group of friends! Designed for ultimate group and family fun!

Paddles: You’re only as fast as your weakest link – and with the new reworked and highly tuned Fanatic Paddle Range, we can guarantee that link won’t be in your hands. With precision and care we have designed paddles in new materials and new optics which are strong and light, with the perfect amount of flex to deliver maximum power while allowing you to paddle in total comfort and style. New for 2017 is the Anti Twist System in adjustable paddles and a smaller 6.75” blade size throughout the majority of the range, girls and kids paddles. We offer the perfect choice from beginner to pro – for both genders, every size and age. Grab a Fanatic paddle and take a stroke!

Rig: The Ride SUP rig is designed to power SUP boards fitted with mast tracks, and WindSUP boards like our Viper Air and Ripper Air. The perfect light wind WindSUPrig is easy to sail, straight forward to assemble, and convenient to store.

Brand new for 2017 are our unique animated 3D views for each board! Move, twist, turn, enlarge and check out every small detail of your favourite board/construction before you eventually buy it – go to your favourite board and check it out!



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