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Children grow and improve so quickly. That’s why we developed the Ripper to be the board that will grow with them. From first steps to planing gybes, the Ripper will be their perfect partner for years to come.

We wanted to start with a great foundation; a shape that would provide safety and stability in the early stages, yet limitless performance as our young rippers progress. That’s why we chose to base the Ripper on our super successful Gecko 112. The Gecko is renowned for its stability and easy planing, so with some important child specific adjustments, the Ripper was born!

A softdeck protects fragile skin from knocks and scrapes, whilst child specific footstrap options make getting into the straps a much easier affair. Of course, there are also some more dedicated options to grow into, or in case mum or dad take the Ripper for a test ride or two!

Supplying the board with two fins (a 30cm and 39cm) for the rear and centre box, gives plenty of options to help with stability and non-planing performance. Once ready to plane, simply remove the middle fin and replace it with the provided box cover.

Whether standing on a board for the first time or carving gybes better than their parents, the Ripper is the gift that will keep giving, year after year!

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Ripper 112


112 l


73 cm


239 cm


9 kg


Power Box / Fanatic Ripper 30 cm & 39 cm

Recommended Sailsize

< 8.0 m²

Article Number


Colour Codes

  • 185 C
  • 186 C
  • 188 C
  • 151 C

*Weight tolerances of ± 6% (HRS ± 8%) possible

  • Specifically designed for children
  • Stable and forgiving
  • Child specific footstrap positions, with adult options
  • Soft and forgiving deck
  • Same shape as the very successful Gecko 112, so can be used also by adults
  • Durable High Resistance Skin (HRS) construction with softdeck

High Resistance Skin (HRS)

High Resistance composite technology is a durable construction for everyday use. A thick, durable outer skin gives the hull maximum strength, as well as making it ding and impact resistant. Strategic use of fibre reinforcements ensure adequate stiffness. In combination with the user-friendly EVA deck, HRS can be seen on the standard Gecko, as well as the Viper / Ripper ranges.

Ripper 112


Power Box / Fanatic Ripper 30 cm & 39 cm