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06. Aug 2016

PWA Wave World Cup Tenerife: Victor Fernandez 1st!

PWA Wave World Cup Tenerife: Victor Fernandez 1st!

Congratulations to Victor Fernandez, who fights back in the Double Elimination to claim victory at the PWA Wave World Cup in Tenerife maintaining his perfect start to the season!

Victor was in superb form during the whole event and already finished 2nd in the Single Elimination. However during the final of the Double Elimination he performed even better and showed off with some crazy jumping and perfect waverides! Amazing action to claim his victory – so happy for you Victor!

Right at the start of the final heat he has landed a massive, clean Double Forward to earn 9.65 points right from the beginning. Straight after he unleashed a perfect Goiter before finding a ramp to launch into a huge One-Footed Backloop. At this point, Marcilio, knew he was under pressure and he searched desperately for a Pushloop forward ramp, but never found it. Marcilio landed a Tweaked Pushloop, but with Victor was on fire in the air and on the wave — as he had been all week — there was no chance to stop him from claiming back-to-back victories in Tenerife after also securing victory in Pozo.

Also well done to our youngsters Noah Voecker-Roche and Valentino Pasquale in 2nd and Alex Grand-Guillot in 3rd – you were ripping boys!

Result Men’s Double Elimination:
1st Victor Fernandez (Fanatic/NorthSails)
2nd Marcilio Browne
3rd Philip Köster
4th Alex Mussolini
5th Thomas Traversa

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