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03. May 2017

SUP Camp with María Andrés @ Zoo Station Bol Croatia

SUP Camp with María Andrés @ Zoo Station Bol Croatia

Join Fanatic International rider María Andrés on a 4-day SUP camp @ Zoo Station Bol in beautiful Croatia! In this four days you will learn all about Stand Up Paddling and all the variety this great new sport has to offer. Enjoy the sea and explore the Croatian coast from different angles while getting a complete workout for your body. You will learn how to warm up, stretch and how to paddle correctly and use your SUP as your perfect outdoor gym and much more!

María Andrés is a professional windsurfer since her early youth and is also part of the Fanatic International SUP team since a couple of years now. She loves to travel and writing articles about Windsurfing and Stand UP Paddle destinations, one of her favourite places to train is Maui. María is also Co-Director and Co-Editor of SUPing Magazine in Spain.

Find the programme for the four days hereafter:


DAY 1 – Getting into SUP

  • DISCOVERING THE SPORT: Exploring the SUP and its possibilities, safety on the SUP
  • HOW TO PADDLE: Going on the water, balance and stretching exercises, basics of paddling and turning
  • MENTAL PREPARATION AND TIPS: Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • PADDLE AROUND: One hour paddle around the area, hanging out together afterwards and sharing experiences

DAY 2 – Training on your SUP

  • WARM UP ON THE SUP: Paddling, trying turns and balance exercises, getting used to your board

DAY 3 – Races, sprints and intervals on the SUP

  • WARM UP: Start paddling around, combining exercises to improve turns and balance
  • BOARD EXERCISES: Regular exercises on the SUP combined with high intensity work out
  • CIRCUITS AND INTERVALS: Races combined with exercises adjusted to different levels of shape

DAY 4 – Open Downwind Crossing

  • WARM UP: Paddle out and do a nice warm up
  • EXERCISES FOR IMPROVING SUP SKILLS AND BALANCE: Get more confident on the board
  • OPEN DOWNWIND: Paddle together on a longer distance


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