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20. Mar 2014

SUP Yoga on our Fly Air Inflatables

SUP Yoga on our Fly Air Inflatables

Yoga on Stand Up Paddleboards is a great new way of working out. It provides benefits to the mind and body. The different Asanas (Yoga postures) and Pranayamas (breathing techniques) are carried out standing, lying or sitting on the board on the water. That means the board becomes a “swimming Yoga mat”: The intensity of each pose is increased by providing you with a greater challenge and added benefits. Your balance will improve as will your Yoga performance – as the board is constantly moving your body is working hard to stay stable, if done regularly it will lead to improved proprioception. It’s also a great way to tell if you are performing your Yoga poses correctly – if you put to much weight through one side of your body, the board will react.

The special thing about SUP Yoga is the total serenity with being on “your own little island”, the elusiveness, the direct connection to nature, the calming effect of the water, the soft rocking waves, the fresh air, the beauty of nature surrounding you.

The Fanatic Fly Air Inflatables are the perfect boards for SUP Yoga. Their soft deck feels almost like a Yoga mat and makes you feel comfortable on the board instantly – you can even easily do headstands on them!

Fanatic team rider Kirsty Jones is a Yoga teacher as well and regularly practices Yoga on her Fly Air at a nice calm spot in Dhakla – a great thing to do for her when there´s no wind for kiting or windsurfing.

SUP Yoga is already a craze in the US but also in Europe it is offered more and more! Check out the links below for SUP Yoga courses near you:

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