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26. Feb 2016

SUP Yoga Online – SUP Yoga on Water

SUP Yoga Online – SUP Yoga on Water

Great new episode from SUP Yoga Online about SUP Yoga on the water!

During your SUP Yoga practice there are modifications and variations. You are able to make your poses more challenging or more stable depending on how you feel. The board will move in response to your weight as you move between the poses, and the wind and water state will move your board and challenge your balance.

It’s important to relax! The more we fight against the movements of the board the harder our practice gets – just go with the flow! It is important to get the gaze point right. Sometimes we need to gaze to a fixed point at the side of the water rather than up to the fingers to make balance easier.

As we have modifications for the poses it is as hard as you want to make it. Its important to work to your own limits and enjoy the practice. Balance can be challenging as there are no walls the world literally opens up!

Take your practice on the water:


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