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I am from Cádiz, in the South of Spain. I’ve been always by the sea, watching my brothers and dad windsurfing, surfing or diving. I’ve been windsurfing with them on their boards since I was a baby. And since I was 8, I started to do water sports. I liked all kinds, and did windsurfing in a high level competition since I was 14.
I discovered surfing very late in my life, like around 23. I did bodyboard before, but surfing was looking too difficult for me and I never tried it. Then I met the mum of a good friend, who was 66 and she was learning to surf! That was a lesson to me! It is never too late. I started surfing with a long board… 3 years ago, when I was in Maui for windsurfing, we had few weeks with no wind. And I asked my friend Florian Jung to borrow his SUP and from that moment I could not stop… I was the happiest person on the planet! Standing on the board, watching all the beautiful corals below me and riding all the waves!!! The SUP surf hooked me since the first wave and forever! Since that moment I have surfed more than all the years I was trying to surf on normal surfboard and it helped me getting to know the waves better and also built my self confidence in the ocean and my waveriding skills in windsurfing.
Now when I am traveling, I can’t go without my SUP, as it's a perfect way to explore all the coastlines and get to places you cannot go by car.


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María Andrés

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