Young Blood SUP Concept

It is great to see families using SUP as an opportunity to get on the water together! The emergence of SUP as a family activity isn’t the only thing blooming, there are numerous kids’ clubs, sessions and competitions happening all over the place where participation is encouraged through socializing, fun and games. These clubs, led by inspirational paddlers themselves, nurture healthy competition and are places where the next generation of SUP racers, Watermen and Women are honing their skills ready to take on their paddling idols.




Fanatic Netherland´s Herman van den Berg recognized that young people need specific kit to give them the best start and started the Young Blood SUP project already two years ago in Holland. Last year, we eventually took the Young Blood SUP model officially in our range to give the other markets the chance to get active in that segment as well. Hermanwas willing to invest in the new generation of SUP paddlers and together with his racer Joep van Bakel he developed an inflatable race board specially made for kids as it’s really important to learn the sport on gear that fits.


After testing different prototypes, we brought the best inflatable race board for kids on the market. The Fanatic Young Blood 12’6 x 21″ is perfect for all young people aged between 6 and 16 years. We also offer the matching paddle Carbon-35-Young-Blood Paddel



We have already seen incredible performances in SUP racing from young paddlers competing among racers with years of experience, so there is no doubt that with the right encouragement, coaching and equipment, young people can achieve great things early on in their paddling career.


Giving a young person a comfortable and enjoyable experience will mean that they are likely to return time after time. After all, one of the fundamental aspects of paddle sports is ‘feel’, so if we can’t nurture that in our young athletes through giving them suitable equipment, how can we expect them to grasp the skills needed to paddle effectively.

While Joep de Bakel is pushing the Young Blood coaching and events in Holland, we also like to give some credits to Sandy De Klerk and Koen Dehaeck, who are pushing this segment in Germany. In Italy we do have the Italian SUP League and Federico Esposito and hopefully many more countries will be supporting this concept as well in2023. Best you are checking back with your local shop/Fanatic SUP in your country for more info or DM youngbloodsup or youngbloodsup_germany directly.

You can read the full article by Emily Evans with an interview with Joep here:


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