Fly Eco takes 2nd place

We are honored that our Fly Eco takes the 2nd place @ the VICTOR Sports Buiness Award 2021, in the category Sport & Climate Protection!


Austria's Sport Business Prize was awarded in Salzburg on November 18th. The VICTOR Award exisits since 2018 and recognizes special people, initiatives, products and services that have successfully established themselves in the sports and leisure industry. In six different categories, the important connection between sport and business is highlighted to honor Austria's "best".

For the first time, the category Sport and Climate Protection was awarded within this framework in 2021. We are super happy to take the 2nd place with our Fanatic Fly Eco! The board was selected as environmentally friendly premium product as it is built from flax, cork, wood veneer and organic resin instead of classic glass and PVC sandwich.


The online platform NEEDIT, which allows users to rent and lease outdoor equipment, took first place. Third place went to Green Heroes Austria - an Austrian environmental protection organization promoting awareness in the area of waste prevention and disposal. Congratulation to both!



victor AWARD 2021