Welcome to our International Team

Guillermo Carracedo

Besides the French Waterman Clement Roseyro, we have also raised the Spanish ripper Guillermo Carrecado to our International Fanatic Stand Up Paddling Team. We caught up with the young talent from Galicia!


Guillermo -you are part of the Fanatic International Team now - how does that feel?

Since I started in Stand Up Paddling, I always admired International riders appearing in magazines, with the new material and doing the shotings for this amazing brand ... And I was really hoping that hopefully one day I would be one of them. Now I am a part of this amazing team, it is a dream and a great motivation to go to hit the water with more energy than ever!


What do you like about Fanatic?

Fanatic is a brand with which I can 100% identify, its spirit of passion for all boardsports and adventures is very similar to my own spirit.


What´s your favorite board from the new range how to you tune it?

My favorite is and has always been the ProWave Wave SUP. With this model I can get my maximum level on the water. And it's such a good board that you don't need to touch it at all, its performance in the waves is simply amazing. Especially the new 7´0"!


What are your plans / goals for the next season?

Well, there are many! Like improving my International Top 5, winning the Spanish Championship again, trying to get in the Top 3 of the APP World Tour. And I would like to discover a new world-class wave hidden around the world and reach a million followers on instagram: -)


More info: Guillermo Carracedo Robelo