With Thomas Oschwald

On Top Of The Mountains

The Swiss adventurer Thomas Oschwald is already well known for his numerous SUP micro adventures. Lightly packed with his Ray Air Pocket, he once more wanted to experience the original feeling which has already given him so much joy and adventure. 


High up in the mountains they are enthroned - the glaciers with their glacial lakes. Step by step he wound his way up the mountain. The cone of light from his headlamp flits across rocks, streams and then disappears again into the night. 

Thomas about his latest micro adventure:


"Mighty, sublime and yet so fragile, a wall of ice towers looks towards me in the distance. While I pump up my SUP, dusk slowly gives way to day and the glacier begins to come alive.  Only a soft whisper is audible in the beginning, then the glacier's voice gets louder and louder, as if it wants to tell me something.


My Ray Air Pocket glides effortlessly through the ice-cold glacial lake. My gaze wanders along the steep ice flank from a safe distance. Here, then, is the direct source of the element water. An element that can give life, sustain it, but also destroy it. In its purest form, its journey down towards the sea begins here.

The groaning and rumbling is now unmistakable. It's as if you can watch cracks snake through the ice sheet and tons of ice start to move. At first I feel small and vulnerable, but then I realise that I am not the small and vulnerable one."