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Falcon Air Young Blood Edition

Race season is on and our new Falcon Air Young Blood combo is out!


The Falcon Air Young Blood  inflatable racing SUP is designed for the next generation of SUP racers who want to focus on speed, training and covering long distances. The 12‘6“ x 22“ shape is especially for lighter weights with a narrower tail - featuring silicone rail edges - to increase top speed and maximise gliding efficiency. The Carbon 35 Young Blood adjustable paddle with its matt finish 35% Carbon/Glass shaft and a strong, ABS protected Carbon Composite blade.


The Young Blood SUP Kids Races already were succesfully introduced in Holland last season, watch out for events in more countries this summer to get those young racers on the race course!


Falcon Air YounG BlOOD BOARD

carbON 35 young blood PADDLE

Pics: Koen Dehaeck