Litter Report 2020

Planet Patrol

Thankfully, one incredible Stand Up Paddleboarder – Lizzie Carr - is spearheading a global mission to rid the world of plastic pollution, by tackling it from its root - canals and rivers all over world – thereby intercepting it before it reaches the oceans. We are happy to cooperate with Planet Patrol  on their SUP cleanups!


Beginning of February Planet Report has released findings from its second annual litter report, which analyses data on litter pollution and the single-use crisis. All data has been collected by the public, giving insights into emerging litter pollution trends and behaviours across the UK during 2020. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the report also explores the impact of lockdowns and government restrictions on single-use litter pollution and, despite extensive media coverage on PPE throughout 2020, shows disposable plastic face masks and gloves only make up a small part of the problem.


Lizzie Carr, Founder of Planet Patrol, has commented:

“The results presented in our 2020 Impact Report highlight not only the severity of the single-use crisis we face in the UK, but also a real lack of progress and prioritisation of environmental issues by our Government. Further delays to debates on the new Environment Bill prove that now, more than ever, we need citizens and businesses to show support for these new policies, to put pressure on Government to take them seriously and start implementing them as soon as possible.


The increase in the number of people collecting data on the Planet Patrol app shows a huge willingness from the general public to roll up their sleeves and to take action, but without improved waste management infrastructure and a standardised recycling system across the UK, the litter issue will never be resolved. Litter clean up already costs the taxpayer £660 million every year and, with the amount of plastic the UK throws away set to increase by over a million tonnes by 2030, we need to see some radical action. At Planet Patrol, we want to empower the general public through contributing to our database of vital evidence, with which we are able to hold businesses and government to account and find long term solutions to this crisis.”

Report highlights:

  • 43,187 pieces of crowdsourced data recorded in the Planet Patrol litter tracking app throughout 2020, with a 167% increase in users since 2019

  • PPE represents only 1.5% of total litter recorded, compared to other top types: plastic packaging (21.6%), drinks cans (11.2%) and plastic bottles (9.9%)

  • Top five polluting brands (in order): Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Cadbury, Walkers


The report presents the data on 43,187 pieces of litter collected by the UK public and recorded on the Planet Patrol app between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2020.


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