How far would you go for clean drinking water? To the faucet in the kitchen, to the supermarket around the corner or a few kilometers for a cool refreshment in a restaurant? This summer Thomas Oschwald will go further - much further. With his Stand Up Paddle Board he will paddle from the North Sea up the Rhine to the Tomasee at 2'345 meters above sea level. A force-pulling path against the current, which will start much earlier. To prepare for the hardships, his tour starts at the Rhone spring. On the waterway he will follow the Rhone, from Lyon for the first time on the Saône against the current, continue his way through France's canals and paddle on the banks of the English Channel to its actual starting point in Rotterdam. Overall, he will be around 3000 kilometers and 2-3 months on the water. His tour will take him through 6 countries - all for a destination that is actually located only a few kilometers away from him. On the first 1,600 km long stage to the mouth of the Rhine, the adventurer wants to deliberately move away from the clean spring water. In this section, he will experience first-hand what it means when clean drinking water does not simply bubble out of the tap. An additional waiver of bottled water forces the adventurer to get along with the water that surrounds him. Another challenge that will become even more acute the further he moves away from Switzerland. In Rotterdam his fight against the flow of the Rhine will start. A long way that will take him back to the moated castle of Europe. A torture, which will show him mercilessly, how difficult the way to clean drinking water can be. The 1233 km distant Tomasee will be in Rotterdam. At the same time Thomas Oschwald would like to collect on his tour at least 1233 francs for people who can not go the way to clean drinking water, but must.

Anyone who is committed to clean drinking water and wants to support Thomas Oschwald's drinking water project will find all important information on this website. The adventure can be followed «live» here as well:

To save a human does not change the whole world, but the whole world is changing for this one person!

About Thomas Oschwald:

Always in search of new challenges in sports and everyday life, Thomas keeps pushing his limits. His inner conviction is that it brings him all the big and small challenges in life. They let him feel what he is capable of when he breaks out of the everyday rhythm and strides out into new worlds. On a micro-expedition, he deliberately seeks the adventure not far from any civilization, but rather in the middle of it. They are journeys that involve many aspects of a real expedition but take place in an everyday environment. Real adventures that open his eyes to the forgotten beauties of everyday life. They are voyages of discovery for all heroes of everyday life.