SUP Euro Tour in Zandvoort

Team Fanatic dominates

Well done Team Fanatic @ the SUP Euro Tour Battle of The Coast Technical Race in Zandvoort last weekend - Christian Andersen and Emma Reijmerink finished 1st,  Tom Auber 2nd and altogether we have five Fanatic riders in the Top Ten! The conditions were pretty rough! With a technical course anywhere between 9km and 11km, one metre of swell and 15 knots of cross-onshore wind, this was a tough one for all the racers!

Thxs to Fanatic Benelux for representing the brand @ the event site!

Top Men:

1st Christian Anderson  (Fanatic SUP)
2nd Tom Auber (Fanatic SUP)
3rd Enzo Bennett
4th Paolo Marconi
5th Kjell De Bruyn (Fanatic SUP)
6th Marius Auber (Fanatic SUP)
7th Davide Ionico (Fanatic SUP)
8th Martino Rogai
9th James van Drunen
10th Joep Van Bakel (Fanatic SUP)


Top Women:

1st Emma Reijmerink  (Fanatic SUP)
2nd Esperanza Barrereas
3rd Caroline Küntzel
4th Susak Molinero


Well done team!!!