The Joy of SUP Yoga

Happy International Yoga Day everyone!


Summer in Europe is the perfect season for variety in your yoga practice. The warm temperatures ake it possible to practice a lot of yoga outside and yoga on a SUP board is definitely our favorite! 


There’s something exquisitely beautiful about practicing yoga on water. Simply being present in nature helps you still the rambling of the mind and connect with the sights and sounds of nature. Water is soothing and calming. At the same time, it’s a reminder that life, like nature, is transient. SUP Yoga allows you to connect with the water in a wonderful way.


We caught up with some of our SUP Yoga ambassadors to find out what´s most special about SUP Yoga for them!


Danique van Oosterhout, Ambassador Austria (Driftwood by Danique SUP & Yoga, Mattsee/Austria):

"I simply love the water and the nature. When I practice SUP Yoga on the water, I find it so much simpler to be present and not compare. Water helps connect me with who I am. It encourages me to listen and quiet my mind."



Sarah Hebert, Ambassador Fanatic France, World Traveller and SUP Yoga Teacher:

"SUP Yoga helped me to get into yoga. Before, yoga always was the practice for super flexible people and those who preferred to be locked in a warm room. Thanks to SUP Yoga, I discovered that I could combine my passion for movement, the ocean and mindfulness. Today I practice a little more on land than on water, always in connection with myself. I go deeper in my practice and teachings by integrating more slowness and meditation - SUP Yoga is simply perfect for this."


Yoga teacher and SUP trainer Sonnia Höffken lives and loves the water and offers SUP Yoga already since 2013:

"SUP Yoga is a full body workout, fun and pure nature! You don't have to be particularly athletic, limber, or "yogically" experienced. Practicing yoga on a SUP board is simple and quick to learn for everyone. Above all, it is about a very special experience in harmony with yourself and nature. Breathe in - breathe out - relax - enjoy. Experiencing yoga in her element is like a fountain of youth - afterwards you're in the "flow" and glowing like the sun warming your back."



Carolyn Radway, SUP Yoga Teacher/Ambassador from Fanatic UK:

"If you’ve never done SUP Yoga before you may have seen photos of challenging yoga poses, headstands and other things on a board, and perhaps have thought SUP Yoga isn’t for you.  You may feel like you need to be a certain size, age, gender, shape, level of fitness and super bendy with it. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  

The essence of SUP Yoga is connecting to & moving your body, getting out of your thinking mind and slowing the mental chatter, connecting to your breath, tuning in to the essence of your being and feeling great, while also enjoying time on the water on your SUP and having fun."

Julia Hofgartner, Yoga & Juliet, SUP Yoga/Wyld Thing AT:

"I most like SUP Yoga because you are forced to be present. Getting lost in your thoughts isn’t possible in a SUP Yoga session. You are going to be present and completely in the moment, because you don’t want to fall off your board. Therefore you definitely will have to be more focused than during a normal yoga class."

Cathrin Niehüss, Real Good Stuff Yoga Kärnten/Austria:

"SUP Yoga is not about arriving at the perfect asana, but for me but for me it is much more about inviting the playful joy into the yoga practice and to push one's own limits here and there. Because so often they exist only in your head!"

Gina Weber, Pop Up Yoga Munich:

"It’s a fun practice but with some serious benefits. Doing yoga on a surface that is constantly in motion fires up your core muscles. SUP Yoga requires a different quality of focus, and not just when you’re doing the poses, but also when you’re transitioning between them. The sensation of floating helps to alleviate the heaviness that life sometimes throws on our shoulders. Hearing the gentle sound of the water while on a paddleboard will help you relax and key you into the most important aspect of yoga: your breath."

Annika Vossen, Outdoor, Biking and Yoga Enthusiast from Germany:

"On the SUP, the exercises are different from the asanas I usually do on the mat. It is much more wobbly and I create more stability through additional contact points. My focus is on my breathing and my body. I am completely in the here and now. I flow through the Vinyasa in harmony with my breathing. I take my time and do the exercises very slowly in order to maintain balance. Of course, it has happened to me that I have gone off the board during the exercises, which is usually not a problem, but rather a nice, short cool-down."

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with your government’s rules and local restrictions and practice good hygiene with your equipment. These are extraordinary times. Be kind, look out for each other and show compassion. Namaste!


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As outdoor enthusiast and mountain lover, Annika Vossen went for a very special SUP Yoga adventure on a mountain lake in Austria. Watch here!